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Stacey P.

I am here on a work trip and got really sick. I did a quick google search and immediately found emerald coast IV hydration & wellness. I reached out and within an hour Trey was here. I felt so much better before the IV was even half way done. This was a very comfortable and pleasant experience! Highly recommend!

Eleanore A.

I felt so good after my Myer’s cocktail infusion! Alert, hydrated and energetic. Highly recommend!

Janet P.

I made an appointment for my daughter online and within 2hrs Trey was at my door. His professionalism was refreshing. He was very understanding and personable. By the time he was done my daughter was feeling better. I will definitely use them again!

Lexee R.

Exceptional service from Emerald Coast IV Hydration & Wellness! I’ve heard great things about IV hydration, but was apprehensive because I have never done it before. Trey’s expertise and personalized care exceeded all expectations. He talked me through the whole process and informed me of everything that was happening. The fact that he comes to you wherever you are is phenomenal, and the IV hydration therapy left me feeling boosted in just the way I needed. Five stars for my first IV treatment!

Sasha B.

I am in town for a work conference and got really sick. I did a quick Google search and did some research. I contacted Emerald Coast IV Hydration and within an hour Trey was here working his magic. Half way through I already felt so much better! Trey was very professional, and kind. I highly recommend!

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